2 Purge listener.log

Tonight I decided to talk about the listener.log. For information on your server, you have a "LISTENER" that listens for connection requests to the ORACLE database. 
Listener.log file keeps track of these requests. This can be useful in case of trouble. 
Firstly if you want to disable this trace, simply add the following line listener.ora file. 

I recall that the file in question is located in the directory / ORACLE_HOME / Network / Admin 
Listener.log file when it is in the directory / ORACLE_HOME / Network / log 

If you do not monitor this file, it may grow to substantial way. I think notammenet web applications that spend their time asking connections and to liberate. I happened to see several files listener.log GO. 

In addition to taking up space unnecessarily on the server, the log file is difficielment exploitable when the need arises. 

This is why it is highly advisable to purge from time to time. 
A relatively simple way to stop the listener consite (LSNRCTL STOP in a DOS console), then empty the file. See the delete and recreate. Well obviously, do not forget to restart the LISTENER (LSNRCTL START). 

Disadvantage: When the listener is stopped, it becomes impossible for a client to connect (ORA - 12541: TNS: no listener process).
 You agree quite easily that this method is not elegant. 

Another method requiring no worries for new client connections 

Example linux environment: 
LSNRCTL set log_file listener temp LSNRCTL set
rm listener
Log_file LSNRCTL set listener
rm listener_temp

The first line indicates that the log file is now listener_temp 
It deletes the old file (it can also be archived) 
Then reassigns a log file with name Current (log_file LSNRCTL set listener) 
Finally, it deletes the temporary file (rm listener_temp) 


In a Windows environment, simply replace rm by del 

Ideally, it should generate an indicator that prevents the listener.log has reached a certain size in order to position themselves in a way "proactive" rather than reactive. 


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