3 Multiplexer Control Files Oracle (control-files)

Multiplexer Oracle control files.

How to add control files in Oracle.

How to multiplex the control files with a spile.

How to add a control file with a PFILE.

It is strongly recommended to multiplex control files also called ctl files (control-files).

Multiplexing can be implemented in the creation of the database or subsequently.

We'll add a control file in the next destination E: \ DATABASE \ -> CONTROL04.CTL.
Add an Oracle control file with a static parameter file PFILE.

Edit the PFILE is appointing initSID.ora, complete control file parameter by adding the path + name of the new control file.

 CONTROL_FILES = ('Coracledba\oradata\test_database\control.ctl'


                 ‘E:\DATABASE\CONTROL03.CTL '

                 ‘E:\DATABASE\CONTROL04.CTL ')

Adds a control file with Oracle server parameter file SPFILE.

In console mode in Sql * Plus, use the ALTER SYSTEM SET parameter on CONTROL_FILES with the option SCOPE=SPFILE .

 SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET CONTROL_FILES = 'Coracledba\oradata\test_database\control.ctl'




Now we do an immediate shutdown of the database.

Copy a control file for Oracle multiplex.

Then the principle is the copy / paste a file ctl, we will copy either a control existing files 1, 2 or 3 in the new slot E:\DATABASE\ and then rename the file ctl CONTROL04.CTL.

Be careful to copy a file to multiplex coherent control (no worries if the database is closed normally ie without SHUTDOWN ABORT).

We start the Oracle database.


You now have 4 control files.

You can also use this technique to move a control file or delete a file control.


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