3 Managing the Oracle Instance

Note that the directory where Oracle is installed is indicated by the environment variable:

    % ORACLE_HOME% for Microsoft Windows. Its value is defined in the registry.
    $ ORACLE_HOME on UNIX systems. Its value is defined in the file. Profiles.

In what follows, we use the variable $ ORACLE_HOME generally and to simplify the nomenclature Unix.
Database Control

To access and manage your Oracle10g database via a web interface, you use the management interface "Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control" that connects to the Oracle instance through the process of listening : the Listner.

These three components must then be started to manage the database via web.

The Database Control management interface once available, can then launch the other components (and Listner instance).

To use the management interface, the corresponding server-side process "dbconsole" must be started (emctl start dbconsole command). For instance ORCL example, the variable ORACLE_SID must be set in advance (set ORACLE_SID = ORCL Windows or variable $ ORACLE_SID = ORCL in. Profiles Unix). Note however that in Windows, if you do not use the command line and you start "OracleDBConsoleorcl" in the console "Services" (Control Panel ==> Administrative Tools), the variable will be read from the Windows registry.

Emctl command is available in the "$ ORACLE_HOME / bin". Make sure the path is listed in the environment variable "$ PATH".

Oracle DBA (database administrator) can still run commands to manage the online database, create and edit objects, make backups or recovery operations ... etc.

The Database Control management interface allows all these administrative operations via a GUI based on the web.

NB: Through a Database Control Console, you can manage only one database at a time.
Access to Database Control

DBConsole process being started to access the management interface, enter the following URL in your Web browser: http://hostname:1158/em

"Hostname" is the name of the machine on which the process is Listner running. If you test facility "Oracle Database" on your local computer, hostname can be set to localhost or or the name of your computer.

"1158" is the HTTP port of the Database Control management console. Check it in the file "$ ORACLE_HOME / install / portlist.ini."

If the database is stopped, a page is displayed on your browser:

    start the Oracle instance .
    start the listening process (listener)
    or initiating recovery operations.

If instead, the database is already started, a login page is displayed asking you for your "username" and "password" authorized to access Database Control .. Log in as SYSDBA or SYSOPER to give you administrative privileges special purpose.

The DBA role does not include SYSOPER and SYSDBA privileges that allow an administrator to access the instance even if the database is not open and perform administrative tasks such as creating or deleting a database, run STARTUP and SHUTDOWN, place a base archivelog mode.


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