0 Installing RHEl5.3

Insert the linux bootable cd and restart ou personal computer.

Generally Installation go with two methods

1   Boot: Text
2   For GUI mode boot: Press enter

Step 1               Welcome to red hat linux server

                               press ok
Step 2                what language we want to work

Step 3               Which model keyboard we are using

Step 4               If already linux exists in our pc then it ask as
                                   Reinstall system
                                   Red hat linux es 4
 Step 5              Disk Partitioning setup(do as below)

       Mount point                  /                            6000mb
       Mount point                   /boot                    2500mb
       Mount point               /opt                         12000mb
       Mount point                  /usr                       7000mb
       Mount point                 /var                        6000mb
       Mount point                 /tmp                       3500
       Mount point               /disk1                      12000mb
       Mount point              /disk2                       8000mb
       Mount point               /disk3                       8000mb
       Mount point             swap                           twice of ram

Step 6       Which boot loader could you like to use

               (*)  Use grub boot loader
Step 7    Boot loader configuration

            No need to change anything(for kernels)

Step 8  Boot loader configuration

                   /dev/sda       (MBA)Master boot record

Step 9 Firewall
         No firewall
Step 10  Security enhanced linux
 Step 11   Language support
Step 12  Time zone selection
     system clock user UTC

Step 13  root pasword

Step 14  package default

    Customize software selection-----------(select all packages)
 Step 15  Install to begin----->

Installation process will take some time


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