0 Insatalling oracle database

This is a post which shows how to install oracle software on linux machine

Logon to linux machine with root user and follow the below step
               # fdisk -l  ------>to see partations
create a directory path as follows(Oracle software location)

                #mkdir -p /oradb/app/oracle/product/11.2.0

create two groups

              #<groupadd> -g 1100 oinstall
              #groupadd -g 1101 dba
create user assign primary group as oinstall and secondary as dba
              #useradd -u 1002 -g 1100 -G 1101 -d /home/oracle -m oracle
Change the permissions of the group

               #chown -R oracle:oinstall  /oradb
               #chown -R oracle:dba      /diska /diskb

  Now switch to oracle user and do the following
                 # su - oracle
                 $DISPLAY=localhost:0.0 export DISPLAY----------------->to set display variable
                $SELINUX=DISABLE-------->to disable security enhance linux
                $xclock-------------->to check weather graphics properties are enable or not if enable clock will appear
Go to .bash_profile directory and set some environmental variables in that directory as follows
      $vi  .bash_profile
     export ORACLE_HOME=  <path where software is located>
     export  ORACLE_SID    =  <sid name>
     export    PATH                 =$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH:.
         :wq!-------------save file

$ . .bash_profile------->to execute the file
$cd  /opt/linux/oracle11g/database------------>go to database  location directory in DVD

$ ls----------->here you can find runinstaller
$ . run installer--------------->execute this file

Now oracle window appears

Step 1

      Select stand alone server(2nd Option)

Step 2

     Database Software Only-------->next

Step 3

        Single Instance Database Installation

Step 4


Step 5

           Enterprise Edition

Step 6

             Oracle base: /oradb/app/oracle/product

              Software location :  /oradb/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db

Step 7

     No change------------>next

Step 8  in this we will see one script file which is to be executed in another terminal.copy the file and paste in other terminal and press enter

          Now press check ignoreall option  and press next
Step 9   Click save response file after some time we will get two scrtips  which is to executed.

              Copy those  two files and execute in another terminal and installation will be done

Go to Install window and click

Step 10


$ sqlplus / as sysdba--------------->to login to database
$ select instance,status from v$instance-------->to check weather database is installed


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