0 Architecture of Database

Architecture of Database
Architecture of Database

Architecture Of Database

In this diagram we can see architecture of database which includes Database,Physical File,Logical Files


Database is a combination of logical files and physical files

Physical Files

  • Physical files are divided into three types control file,redo file and database file.
  • These physical files are stored in hard disk.
  • These Physical files are useful in recover
  • Can access all files regardless of database up or down
  • These files are operating system level files 
  • Data Files-- These contains organizaions original data
  • Redo Log File--These holds the information that  a record of change made to the database,and enables recovery when failures occur
  • Control File--These are used to syncronize all database activities
Logical Files

  • Logical files are the files which are created at database level.
  • These files can access only when the database is up and running
  • Logical file are of different types as follows

  • Starting an oracledb is know as starting the instance
  • Only after instance gets started user can login,established sessions and can perform sequeal operations
  • when a client establishes  a session with the server oracle creates a user process on the client and a server process on the server(In a dedicated environment)
  • Only Database Administrator can start or stop database

Roles of Database Administrator

  • Gathering system resources
  • Installing RDBMS
  • Creation of databse
  • Table space Managment
  • User Managment
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Performance Tuning


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